Now a days our most of means depend on digital technology. Every one see television, newspapers, magazines and internet all these means mainly depend on digital technology. We can say that our life is totally depending on these digital means. Because of its that much usage the popularity of Digital Marketing become increase with passage of time. It is a wide concept and also plays its part in business advancement.

Digital Marketing is also known as online marketing. This type of marketing gives us lots of benefits as compare to old version of marketing. In this type of technology we target the audience that uses internet and mobile phones excessively. People search desire data through internet or mobile phones. Every businessmen use this technique to attract the people towards its business.

If you use digital marketing strategies you come to know that;

  1. You can easily avail good status of your business in market, which is very important for your business survival.
  2. If you want to make digital marketing of your business effective then you have to use all means of techniques for your business whether old or new.
  3. You can attract people in short period of time.
  4. By using systematic techniques you can also evaluate the chances of success.
  5. You can market your business in very less amount and target lots of people towards you.
  6. With the passage of time more business person attracts towards this technique and use this technique to improve its business status.



This is very easy method to target your audience. At a time you can send message related to your business to lots of people.This is an effective method of online marketing. This type of online marketing increases your business status. It is very cheap in prices and also environment friendly method. You can link with your target viewers through e mail.

  1. SEO:

In this online marketing you enhance your business website to increase the rank of your business website especially on Google. SEO is a long and time gaining process as you need lots of things for this process.

  • Main topic
  • Powerful contents
  • Keywords
  • All related information etc.

Search engine optimization gives every type of guarantee that your website rank is reachable and easily search by people on Google. Search engine optimization has 2 categories;

  1. ON PAGE SEO: this category involves two things only; keywords & contents
  2. OFF PAGE SEO: all other factors involves in this category. Main purpose of off page SEO is to create backlinks of your website.
  3. SEM:

It is also component of SEO; it is very effective technique because in this you have to face competition. Ads are involved in it; your keywords control the status of your ad. When people put your keyword on Google, they immediately reached your business website. but it is also a time gaining process.

  1. PPC:

PPC Management is very popular now days. It is very fast process as you can target your audience in no time. But payment is only in the case of click. Search engine give you money on the base of number of people.Your ad quality fixes your amount on one click.


In Social Media Services there is involve every type of social media applications such as; Facebook, twitter, Instagram, Reddit, LinkedIn etc. So you can use these apps to promote your business website. The main aim of this marketing is to target lots of people and to improve your products.  social media agencies promote the contents to attract people and to fulfill its goals. So that you may get more customer for your business.


In this type business messages transfer by using different means e.g. pictures, company’s signs/logos, visual aids, audio recording, video recording, posters etc. these means are used by company to attract people. you can also use online mean to transfer these messages e.g. on Google, Yahoo etc.


In this type of marketing, company offer free contents to people to attract them. E.g. articles, blogs, essays, audio, video, information through picture etc. you can use lots of means to enhance your product towards people. So you can also link with your viewers.

In recent trends online marketing is necessary for gaining effective results for your business status. Today’s world is totally shift from old to digital methods. PTV Marketing is a well-established marketing agency in Dubai , you can contact with PTV Marketing. If you need it services.

Revolution of Digital Marketing

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